My Services


I work from a therapy room in my home in Bristol, BS5. 

Appointments are £35 per session.

We recommend 2-3 appointments, 7-10 days apart to really ensure longer term change and then a MOT every 4-6 weeks - but some feel changed after only one treatment!

Children will be treated for free. Bowen has helped children with

sleep trouble, bed wetting and asthma and much more. See below for more information


If you are in the Bristol area and would prefer to have your treatments at home, please get in touch. Mobile treatments start from £50 depending on location and £120 for three sessions (a saving of £30). 


Children will be treated in my BS5 Clinic for free.

Parents and carers have reported improvement in symptoms of many childhood ailments and problems after their children have received Bowen Therapy. They notice better posture, balance, co-ordination, less bed-wetting and the ability to cope better with the effects of trauma.

I have full DBS check and previous experience as a Primary School teacher so will work with you and your child to ensure everyone is comfortable and getting the best results. It doesn't matter if they can't sit still!